Running Away

"Nnnghh…." Slowly, Rapunzel stirred, her mind still in a haze having been asleep for… she couldn’t really be sure for how long. She’d had horrible, painful nightmares, worse than anything she’d experienced before. Her hands lay on the cold forest ground, and she clenched and unclenched some mulched leaves in her hand. “Remus?” She muttered to herself, finally making herself turn over… only to find that it wasn’t Remus there at all. And the sight of the man made her nightmares flash back through her head, and she jumped up, backing away from him slowly.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" She screamed, tripping over her hair more than once, still unco-ordinated from sleep. The hook, her father’s blood, the screaming, his tears… It all ran through her mind, replaying over and over again, and if she wasn’t sure of her sanity, she’d think she was going half mad. Slowly the memories of their departure came thick and fast - how one minute she was losing blood, and the next there was a light, and she was fine. Her papa had saved her. A lot of the rest was hazy, her body still having been weakened from the attack, but she remembered a lot of running, a lot of screaming, and a lot of clawing at this man in desparation, trying to force him to understand. Her name was uttered, but still she backed away, until she hit a tree, and she clung to it from behind, her nails digging into the bark. "GO AWAY YOU MURDERER!" The blood, the dagger, her father giving up, his desperation for her to leave, for this man to take her away…. 

Her knees gave way, and she sat on the ground, the tears falling so heavy, that she wondered if she’d ever be able to stop again. “He wasn’t losing… He was letting it happen, letting Hook get the revenge he wants, he was giving up, and we have to go back.” He didn’t need their help? “HE’S MY PAPA, HE SAVED MY LIFE, OF COURSE HE NEEDS OUR HELP.” Was he really just hers, or was there some relation to this man, too? 'I want you to keep her and your sister safe'. 

"… You’re my brother." She said, quietly. She looked up at him, though her eyes were not filled with warmth and affection like she wanted them to be. For the time being, she was haunted by the memories. She waited for the confirmation, then looked back down again. "Then how could you run away like that? How could you just leave him there to…. to d-die?" She looked around her, remembering the last time she was lost in the forest - and once again, every direction looked the same. She had no idea where to start. "

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